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2020 (ongoing serie)

Mixed media on paper
85 x 60 cm

1. Flying short cause I shot myself
2. Bem que precisava de ir à máquina
3. Mister Miyagi
4. A great little mexican woman taught me how to look at the sky
5. Será que é tudo em vão?
6. And the sea dragon turned all oceans red
7. Yet to be titled
8. Dolphins jumping in the water in slow motion at night video still

On one of my trips to Mexico I had the opportunity to visit Casa Museo Frida Khalo in Coyocán, Mexico City.
In the middle of all that amazing colors, the blue walls, the yellow kitchen, the beautiful furniture and clothes, Frida’s unique paintings... there was a small drawing that caught my attention.
It was a small piece of paper, about 8x10cm, in which Frida had draw with a red ink pen, a kind of constellation, several dots, of various sizes, interconnected with straight lines.

In reality, it wasn’t only the rather crude drawing that caught my attention, but also the caption she wrote under the drawing, which said:

- "Constelación de estrellas o soles inútiles que solo existen en éste papel".