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Born in 1977 in Lisbon, where he works and lives.

Diogo Rebelo's work method is multidisciplinary, encompassing not only painting, drawing and, collage, but also readymade and installation.
In the artistic, personal and, social research that Rebelo has been developing over the last few years, we can find a search for spontaneity, instead of perfection or an idea of “Beautiful”, perhaps starting from the sense that these do not exist or they are, in themselves, conditions that must be broken in order to find their own and primordial identity and expression. The relationship between the artist and the work reflects his research from the most underground layers of his conscious and from the collective unconscious. We can say that Rebelo starts from a whole heterogeneous set of stimuli to question and reflect, not only about himself but also about contemporary society, in a way that transitions between the playful, the ironic and, the gross on the one hand, simplicity, synthesis and, clarity, on the other.
And it is in the set of all these elements, complementary or opponents, that a specific discourse is also drawn.
Observing the various elements that make up some of his works, we can note the confrontation or juxtaposition of materials from different sources: contemporary forms and symbols, elements collected from diffuse memories of his personal history that guide his current life, elements that are part of of the noise of our day-to-day lives, which sometimes go unnoticed or are taken for granted, presented here in a new opportunity to be seen and felt with a different perspective.


Vernissage / Finissage, Lisbon (Solo), 2021

Abílio, O Elegante, Lisbon (Group), 2019
One Night Studio, Lisbon (Open studio - Solo), 2019
Same Same Same at Studio3A, Lisbon (Group), 2018
Black Noise Rumble at RA 100, Lisbon (Group), 2018
Catano III at LX Factory, Lisbon (Group), 2018
Catano II at C.A.C., Lisbon (Group), 2017
Catano at Palácio Ficalho, Lisbon (Group), 2016
Till Foolishness Tear Us Apart, Lisbon (Solo), 2015
Between the Legs at LX Factory, Lisbon (Group), 2015